We are about the music, it’s that simple

Amy FM started as a hobby station with two simple goals in mind.

To help great sounding, rising kiwi artists be heard all over New Zealand.
Listeners don’t want to sit through hours of advertising throughout the day. We want to play less adverts.
Amy FM started establishing itself amongst the music community in December 2015. Operating out of a spare room in the cosy suburb of Manurewa, Auckland, the station has been working hard on increasing its music library and making life good for the listeners. Amy FM has reached out to NZ artists and offered to get their music on the airwaves and is always welcoming more artists to join in.

We’ve also accomplished optimisation with our on-line music stream to reduce the amount of data it takes to listen to Amy FM. That means you can listen to Amy on mobile devices without having to worry about excessive data usage on compatible devices.

Since the initial launch, we’ve expanded what we do to include interesting news for our readers on a number of different music and non-music topics, an upcoming gigs and events guide to help event goers find new and interesting places to stop by and promoters gain more reach for their events.

Our next step as a station would be to look at broadcasting on an FM frequency, so you can listen to Amy in the office or car on the radio.

Amy FM

PO Box 11699, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542