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Steve James ft.Clairity – Renaissance (Auspecs Remix)

Auspecs remix of Renaissance by Steve James and Clairity. Comment , Like, Share, Follow and all that other good stuff if you like it and don’t forget to support the original artists too!!

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Fresh Kiwi releases new track “Whitney”

Fresh Kiwi, a DJ and one of the finest producers of electronic music from Wellington, has released a new track, and not surprisingly, it is awesome! The new single features some of his iconic bass driven EDM style, giving his fans yet another reason to love him.

Fresh Kiwi is quickly becoming one of the most popular dance music producers in Australia and New Zealand, and his fan base is increasing exponentially because of his consistent production of high quality music. He is known to combine the latest trap, bounce and EDM music with commercial hits to create party-centric works of art for large audiences.

He tends to experiment with multiple genres of music and incorporates sounds from some of the most well known numbers to appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. His music has enjoyed the support from international artists including Sigala, Juicy M, and Timmy Trumpet.



G Jones

A music producer from Santa Cruz, California who is popularly compared to the likes of Bassnectar, G Jones has been making waves in the EDM industry since the past couple of years now. He has performed at a number of venues all over the world with well-known performers such as Moby, Excision, GriZ, Datsik, and even the prodigious Bassnectar himself. His increasing popularity amongst fans of the genre had captured the attention of Pretty lights & Zeds Dead and he also managed to clinch an appearance in the guest mix series of BBC Radio’s Diplo & Friends.

G Jones has been consistently creating original, high-quality electronic music and he now has a large collection of original productions that span across various colours of the genre. His music is noticeably influenced by West Coast bass beats of the US, leading to the use of filthy hip-hop drops and cross-genre experimentation.

New Zealand’s Very Own – Loax NZ

Is there a local kiwi with the potential to rise the ranks of electronic music? We think so after discovering New Zealand talent, Brayden Gunther, also known as Loax NZ. 

Loax NZ, not to be confused with the LoaX from Sweden, has a distinct style when it comes to his music. We’ve got our top 3 favourites below but check out the others on SoundCloud (Click Here) and if you like it (and want to support local), you can pick his tracks up from US$1.49 on beat port (Click Here).


The Magic of Vinyl: Jerry Folk Remixes Atlas Bound’s ‘Talk’

‘Talk’ by Atlas Bound has been given a fresh touch by Jerry Folk, famous for remixing Syn Cole’s ‘Miami 82’ and ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’ by Chromeo.

Jerry Folk adds a touch of vinyl, which is surprising because he wasn’t born even when by the time vinyl completely went out of style. But he seems to have discovered what makes it so unique. He also brings out elements from the original track that people didn’t realise were present. For the first verse, there is a natural keyboard progression loop under the vocals; and also synthesized bass guitar for a never-ending groove.

Some songs are now available to download for free from Jerry Folk’s Soundcloud. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jerry Folk rides on the back of this all the way to the top to become one of the world’s leading remix artists.


Absence and their unique approach to remixes

“Absence” is a relatively unknown EDM and Deep House group that has been making waves recently with their releases. They were formed just last year, but they have already started getting EDM fans talking about their unique approach to remixes. Their remix of the insanely popular “See You Again” title originally performed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth gathered many fans while their remix of Diplo’s “Revolution” made people realize that they have some serious potential.



Fletcher – War Paint (Young Bombs Remix)

Summer 2015, FLETCHER put her “War Paint” on for the world. The pop newcomer premiered her debut single via NYLON, with a video shortly behind on Billboard. After conquering Hype Machine, her blog-declared pop summer anthem made its way onto Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart.

With support from top-followed playlists such as New Music Friday and Today’s Top Hits, “War Paint” became the #1 most socially shared track on Spotify in the U.S. for two consecutive weeks, as well as #2 across the world. Now nearly 25 million streams later (including the popular remix and new single “Live Young Die Free”), the 22-year-old talent is set for stardom.

FLETCHER is a hybrid creation, unconfined to the concrete jungle she now calls home. According to Billboard, she’s hoping to “inspires others to ignite their individuality and to fearlessly fight for whatever is they want out of this crazy life.” The pop newcomer was listed as an Artist To Watch for 2016 from many prestigious publications such as Teen Vogue, Wonderland Magazine & Idolator.

Furthermore, she was selected as a Spotify Spotlight act for 2016 (following in the footsteps of prior years’ artists such as Lorde, Tove Lo, Hozier & Kygo.)


Illenium’s Debut Album ‘Ashes’


Since hearing my first Illenium song two years ago, Nick Miller (aka Illenium) has been one of my favorite artists. When I look for new tracks, one of the things I like to pay attention to is if an artist is local or not. Lucky for me, Nick is currently a resident of Denver, Colorado; and due to this accessibility, I have had the opportunity to see him perform three times in the past 9 months including his performance on the iconic Red Rocks main stage. During Decadence, as well as his show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, I was able to get a glimpse at some of the unreleased tracks from the album which immediately blew me away.

The album starts off calm, but powerful, featuring vocals from King Deco, with whom he has worked previously on the track “Spirals” that is also featured on the album. As a matter of fact, all of the tracks on the album (excluding the bonus tracks) have a vocalist featured on them.

It’s hard to pick favorites, as I think that each song has something special, but I will highlight a few that stand out. The third track of the album called “With You,” featuring Quinn, as well as the appropriately named track “Without You” both have a certain quality about them I couldn’t place until I asked my brother about it. He doesn’t listen to electronic music at all but was able to place that it had a Jared Evan feel to it. It’s been a while since I last listened to Jared Evan’s work, but I had a moment of clarity that it’s been a while since I’ve heard songs with that slow, calming, yet emotionally driving tone.

I have always had a soft spot for female vocals and powerful lyrics, and “Only One” delivers on both aspects. I like to think I can tell when a vocalist doesn’t have their whole spirit and soul behind a track, and Nina Sung does a great job of giving the song heartwarming depth.   

I wanted to get a feeling for the inspiration behind the album and fortunately I was able to speak with Illenium and get his reply. 

“I wanted to create something timeless. Music has this crazy way of coming into people’s lives and totally take their problems and struggles away for a moment. It lets people breathe and be in the moment while also taking them to a different reality. My hope is that this album does that and creates a bond with the listener and music forever.” 

Overall I think the album is well put together with depth seemingly missing in a lot of electronic songs these days. The vocals clearly add a feeling of closeness and human connection. I hope this album reaches you in the way Nick intended when he created Ashes. This album takes me to a new world, I hope you can join me there!

Article by ALEX BRUSKI –

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Warsongs by League of Legends

Did you hear about League of Legends? I bet most of you did. The most popular online game in the world again wants to gain sympathy of EDM fans.

Riot Games has just released the album Warsongs – 11-track album containing soundtrack remixes. LoL team definitely shows us that they know what they do – we’ll hear the remixes from popular EDM artrists like Vicetone, MitiS, Hyper Potions and many others. Dubstep, trap, progressive house, future bass – everything included. Every EDM fan will find something for himself.

I’m really impressed with this album. It really shows how online gaming can go well with electronic music. It makes perfect match.

You can listen to it here and of course, download the whole album for free (link):

It’s not the first time when Riot makes an experiment with EDM. Some time ago they made a skin for one of the champions – DJ Sona. Except of different look of the character, it allowed the players in the team to listen to 3 different EDM tracks to make the game more dynamic. You can also download it for free (link):

Download, press play, launch the game and go for a PENTA KILL!