Shuffle Like A Pro + Win $150

VIEW COMPETITION To be honest with you, before researching this story I had absolutely no idea how to shuffle, and only a vague idea as to what shuffle dancing actually encompassed. But I did know that I have frequently admired the technique of others on the dancefloor, performing seemingly amazing manoeuvres that my uncoordinated body was not likely to replicate. Not without looking decidedly uncool or succumbing to some sort of organ failure anyway! You’ve seen them too, other young, fit, athletic people keeping a beat to even the most lightning fast tune. So anyway, it turns out that learning to become that particular species of raver known as “the shuffler” is not so hard after all. Of course there are some who have spent hours perfecting the unique style to a tee. But just remember even the best shuffler had to start somewhere. Apparently the most important thing you need to know about shuffling is that, just like human beings, no two shuffles are the same. You can stomp, spin and slide your way across the dance floor, but at the end of the day shuffling is all about personal expression and “feeling” the music. That being said, you can learn the basics from this YouTube video by Evelina via Dance Music Northwest.

Or read the step-by-step (literally) guide to shuffling by Cole Zuckerman at Dance Music Northwest.

Shuffle Like a Pro to Win Like A Pro!

Just post a video of your shuffling moves on Facebook, Instagram or twitter to automatically go in the draw to win $150 CASH. You can only enter once, and you need to use the hastag #AmyShuffles to join in.

After that, you can check back here to see it once it’s been added an vote to earn the Peoples Choice Award.

~ Image: Buckethead Dance by Ndanger via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-SA

Hollie Smith Sure to Please – White Ribbon Story

One of New Zealand’s great ladies of music is making a stand against domestic violence using just a single word, “Please.”

The song features lyrics like “Know you are not alone. Please.” Words Hollie hopes will offer a supportive message to victims of family violence everywhere.

The single Please was released just yesterday and singer Hollie Smith has decided to donate the song, and all of it’s proceeds to this years white ribbon appeal.

This years campaign message is about respectful relationships, with Smith saying “Family violence particularly by men against women is an issue that New Zealand needs to urgently address and prioritise.”

Smith said she was humbled to be able to get involved with the White Ribbon campaign.  “I hope that the lyrics I have written help inspire and encourage strength and support for those who are in situations they feel are beyond their control, wither they be the victim of violence or the person who knows no other alternative.”

Check out the video from Hollie Smith below and make sure to purchase ‘Please’ in your music store to support this great cause.

Lyrics: Hollie Smith – Please

We all fighting a battle that no one else can see
We all have our own reason, excuses we can’t release
We all need a haven, when all there is, is rain
We all need forgiveness to have our slates wiped clean

I wish I that I could tell you
I wish that you could hear
Oh I’m never gonna hurt you, always gonna be here
Never gonna turn my back
I wish that you could listen
Cause I know that you are strong
Oh I’m never gonna hurt you, always gonna be here
Know that you are not alone. Please

Only hold the burden, inherit all the shame
Refusing there’s a saviour, can’t let go of the blame
If the cycles keep on turning, you need to break free the chains
The scars may never leave you but there’s a spirit to reclaim

I wish I that I could tell you
I wish that you could hear
Oh I’m never gonna hurt you, always gonna be here
Never gonna turn my back
I wish that you could listen
Cause I know that you are strong
Oh I’m never gonna hurt you, always gonna be here
Know that you are not alone. Please

Where we don’t, cast any stone
No longer, know you’re alone
Holding feet to the fire, don’t walk this alone
You can change your fate

The White Ribbon Toolbox

If you or someone you know is suffering, find help in the White Ribbon Toolbox.You’ll find practical tips on how to have the difficult conversations and to built trust and respect for on another along with the contact information for all the help-lines in New Zealand.

Bekah and the Backchat

Emerging from a musical household, singer-songwriter Bekah has been playing the guitar and writing songs since high school. Now the Auckland based musician has got together with her band The Backchat to release a new single and her very first video.

The single ‘Wanna Play’ is the first of a five song EP just released on her own record label Bekah Music. The song was actually supposed to be released last year. But due to unforeseen circumstances with her then producer the release was delayed. Instead the song became a collaborative project involving rewriting, reworking the song with new musicians and creating a video.

The official EP release party featuring the single ‘Wanna Play is being held this Saturday November 5th at Auckland’s Thirsty Dog. Doors open from 8.30 with 2 great support acts and only a $5 cover charge. Or if you can’t make it check out more on

Growing with friends

When Auckland band ‘The Grow Room‘ wanted to try something different, they picked up the phone and called in a few friends. The result is an electronic musical compilation consisting of contributions put forward by the emerging K Road Electronic Music scene.

The Album entitled ‘Friends Collecting Friends’ sees The Growroom expanding into the ambient electronic music spectrum. They say the project is an experimental album. Not wanting to follow other trends, they were looking to create their own unique sound, describing the result as abstract.

The album features 9 individual tracks from 9 different producers including Allgood, Affsid, Kidjhagiffy, Gudgemin, Hasji, Melthouse, Whyfi and more. Stay tuned for more new collaborations to be released soon. You can hear more about The Grow Room here.

Andrew W.K Makes his EDM Debut

Rock and roll artist and motivational speaker, Andrew W.K has just released his first ever EDM song, “Party Till We Die.” Co-produced with Timmy Trumpet and MAKJ, the song sticks in your head after the first listen with its catchy chants, huge build ups and heavy drops. Andrew brought his signature rock edge to the track.

“Party Till We Die,” was a long time in the making. MAKJ revealed to Billboard that he had been working on the song for over two years. He had trouble finding the right vocalist until he ran into Andrew at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

“Finding the right person for the song was a long and hard challenge, but having Andrew W.K. featured on his first dance tune was well worth the wait,” he said.

About Andrew W.K

You would be easily forgiven if you had never heard of Andrew W.K. The singer’s musical output has been fairly minimal. His last two albums — Gundam Rock and 55 Cadillac were released in 2009, and his most recent EP, Party All Goddamn Night was only released in Japan. He is best known for his song “Party Hard” released 15 years ago.

As a party rocker and motivational speaker, Andrew has also spent much of his career giving speeches about his philosophy on Party Power, and helping people work out their issues and deal with pressure. His advice column on the Village Voice has reached millions of readers.

“Party Till We Die,” is out now on Spinnin’ records. Listen below:


Song Exploder – Where musicians take apart their songs

Song Exploder is a intersting podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Every episode is produced and edited by creator and host Hrishikesh Hirway in Los Angeles, USA.

Using the isolated, individual tracks from a recording, Hrishikesh will ask artists to dive into the specific decisions that went into creating their work. Each episode is condensed to be focused on how the artists brought their songs to life. Past guests include Björk, U2, Iggy Pop, and Carly Rae Jepsen, among many, many others.

In 2016 the Sydney Opera House hosted Song Exploder as an artist-in-residence. The show has been featured at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. Song Exploder is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX, a curated network of extraordinary, story-driven shows. Learn more at
Song Exploder is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here you can find previous episodes of Song Exploder:

‘Welcome to the Primal Digital’ by Cleve Cameron

Cleve Cameron wasn’t always a musician. He was, and still is, a creative professional in the advertising industry. His first job was with Saatchi and Saatchi in Wellington, and he was the company’s youngest writer at the time.

His album Welcome to the Primal Digital, features the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, Ed Castelow and James Milne. Cleve says that we all live in the incredibly exciting digital age, and this project is a human response to the intensity of it all.

Cleve doesn’t seem to have lost his stroke of advertising genius. Before the album’s official release, you had to get into a cab if you wanted to listen to it. And not just any cab among the 4000-odd taxis in Auckland, but specifically one driven by Mandeep Singh, who plays the tabla in the album. To find Mandeep Singh’s number, you had to go to Cleve’s website.

Whenever he finishes writing a song, he gets into a random cab and asks the taxi driver if it is catchy enough and whether he/she would sing along to it. For now, he believes that all the songs in Welcome to the Primal Digital are fun enough to dance to.

Available only on iTunes

Brother-sister duo ‘Broods’ Shake Up New Zealand with ‘Free’

Broods is a two-piece act, comprising of siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott from Auckland. They debuted in 2014 with the single ‘Bridges’ – this broke in at #8 on the New Zealand singles chart – and followed it up with the EP Broods, and then an album Evergreen, both in the same year. They would go on to win four awards at the New Zealand Music Awards in 2015, taking home the honours for Best Group, Album of the Year, Radio Airplay Record of the Year, and Best Pop Album.
Caleb accounts for their disappearance from the music scene after that, explaining they were doing a bit of song writing. A single, Free, is already out, and the video shows a lot or promise, if it is any indicator of their upcoming album Conscious, which is all set to be released in this month.

Where is Lorde?

Lorde is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s biggest breakout stars. Her single ‘Royals’ went viral all over the world, and as of now, is safe to say, one of the country’s few global stars. The only issue though is that, Royals was three years back, since then, the songstress has hardly made any music.

She is still relevant and is seen everywhere, but where is the music, Lorde? Apart from a few collaborations and the Hunger Games compilation, there’s been almost no new material from her. She is way too talented an artist to be written off as a one-hit wonder.

David Bowie once called her the future of music, and he knows what he’s talking about, so is her move to not release anything for so long a move to keep the fans busy waiting?

Her Twitter is full of references to her upcoming album, so give us something already Lorde!

Check out The Veils’ new single now!

It’s been a 12 month wait since we were first teased with a single from the Veils’ fifth album. Titled Axolotl, it is the band’s signature style experimental hip hop infused with EDM sounds and diatribe. It’s a stomping track, and you should listen to it right away, even if you are not a fan of their work. Frontman Finn Andrews really brings it home in this track.

The album, titled Total Depravity, is set to hit stores in a few months, around the third week of August. The band is getting back to working with Adam Greenspan and Nick Launay since they collaborated ten years back with Nux Vomica.

The story behind this single is a fascinating one and the first draft of the song was sung into a laptop microphone. Listen to the track and see if all the hype is real for yourself.

Have a listen here: The Veils – Axolotl