Andrew W.K

Andrew W.K Makes his EDM Debut

Rock and roll artist and motivational speaker, has just released his first ever song, “Party Till We Die.” Co-produced with and , the song sticks in your head after the first listen with its catchy chants, huge build ups and heavy drops. Andrew brought his signature rock edge to the track.

“Party Till We Die,” was a long time in the making. MAKJ revealed to Billboard that he had been working on the song for over two years. He had trouble finding the right vocalist until he ran into Andrew at Miami’s Ultra Festival.

“Finding the right person for the song was a long and hard challenge, but having Andrew W.K. featured on his first tune was well worth the wait,” he said.

About Andrew W.K

You would be easily forgiven if you had never heard of Andrew W.K. The singer’s musical output has been fairly minimal. His last two albums — and 55 Cadillac were released in 2009, and his most recent EP, Party All Goddamn Night was only released in Japan. He is best known for his song “Party Hard” released 15 years ago.

As a party rocker and motivational speaker, Andrew has also spent much of his career giving speeches about his philosophy on Party Power, and helping people work out their issues and deal with pressure. His advice column on the Village Voice has reached millions of readers.

“Party Till We Die,” is out now on Spinnin’ records. Listen below: