Bekah and the Backchat

Emerging from a musical household, has been playing the guitar and writing songs since high school. Now the based musician has got together with her band The Backchat to release a new single and her very first video.

The single ‘Wanna Play’ is the first of a five song EP just released on her own Bekah . The song was actually supposed to be released last year. But due to unforeseen circumstances with her then producer the release was delayed. Instead the song became a collaborative project involving rewriting, reworking the song with new musicians and creating a video.

The official EP release party featuring the single ‘Wanna Play is being held this Saturday November 5th at Auckland’s Thirsty Dog. Doors open from 8.30 with 2 great support acts and only a $5 cover charge. Or if you can’t make it check out more on