Meet Mice on Stilts

is a band out of Auckland that cannot be really placed within a particular genre. They are known to place themselves in a genre they call ‘Doom Folk’, their sound is unique and can be called cinematic. Their is deep, rousing, and often sorrowful, their first studio album titled Hope for a Mourning is a perfect example of their style and many have taken an immediate liking to it. It is dark and soulful. The band has seven members in it, each of who are masters of their art. Their is well written, staged and recorded and their skill really comes through, song after song.

Their most recent single, Khandallah, not only sounds epic, it has a beautiful music video to go with it. Mice on Stilts is a band to watch out for if you like this kind of music, and you should.

You can find them here on Bandcamp.