Shuffle Like A Pro + Win $150

VIEW COMPETITION To be honest with you, before researching this story I had absolutely no idea how to shuffle, and only a vague idea as to what shuffle dancing actually encompassed. But I did know that I have frequently admired the technique of others on the dancefloor, performing seemingly amazing manoeuvres that my uncoordinated body was not likely to replicate. Not without looking decidedly uncool or succumbing to some sort of organ failure anyway! You’ve seen them too, other young, fit, athletic people keeping a beat to even the most lightning fast tune. So anyway, it turns out that learning to become that particular species of raver known as “the shuffler” is not so hard after all. Of course there are some who have spent hours perfecting the unique style to a tee. But just remember even the best shuffler had to start somewhere. Apparently the most important thing you need to know about shuffling is that, just like human beings, no two shuffles are the same. You can stomp, spin and slide your way across the floor, but at the end of the day shuffling is all about personal expression and “feeling” the . That being said, you can learn the basics from this YouTube video by Evelina via Dance Music Northwest.

Or read the step-by-step (literally) guide to shuffling by Cole Zuckerman at Dance Music Northwest.

Shuffle Like a Pro to Win Like A Pro!

Just post a video of your shuffling moves on , Instagram or twitter to automatically go in the draw to win $150 CASH. You can only enter once, and you need to use the hastag #AmyShuffles to join in.

After that, you can check back here to see it once it’s been added an vote to earn the Peoples Choice Award.

~ Image: Dance by Ndanger via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-SA