Kraftwerk Concert on Hold Due to Electronic Music Ban

It’s been announced that may be prohibited from playing a in , due to an ban.

The ban has been in place since April following drug overdoses at Timewarp, a prominent music festival since the 90’s.

After the multiple fatalities of five young people under 20, the City completely banned large concerts where synthesisers or samplers are the primary instrument.

The German band, complete with their 3D show, were due to play the iconic Luna on November 23rd.

Apparently the promoter had applied for a permit for the event way back in July. Yet only two weeks ago – when almost 70% of the tickets had already sold – the city notified them that the show could not go on.

Representatives of the City Government have justified their decision by saying “While Kraftwerk’s performance may not be a festival in the traditional sense, the ruling still applies because the band uses synthesisers or samplers as their primary instrument.”